VISENTOOLS: Visual Sensebuilding Tools (2023-2024)
...visual design, sensebuilding, group meetings!

In this project we aim to create physical artifacts that support visual sensebuilding in group meetings. This multidisciplinary research-to-business project is funded by Business Finland and involves Aalto University schools of ARTS and SCI, as well as Aalto University Innovation Services.

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SUCCESS: Supermarkets and Consumers Collaborate to Make Sustainable Consumption Easy (2023)
...sustainability, food, consumers!

In this subcontracted project we will conduct workshops of future consumer studies together with Rikolto and VTT as part of their EIT Food SUCCESS project.

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Cellugami: Tackling packaging challenges through origami designs (2022-2025)
...visual design, origami tessellation, packaging!

The Cellugami project aims to investigate the use of cellulose-based origami material to develop eco-friendly packaging by combining design, engineering, mathematics, and materials science. The project is funded by the Bioinnovation Center of Aalto University and involves researchers from the schools of ARTS, ENG, and SCI.

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Cellugami logo


Fold: Novel folding technology for light-weight design structures and protective packaging (2022-2023)
...visual design, origami tessellation, packaging!

The aim of the Fold project is to create product concepts, visual designs and structures using origami tessellations for folded material, as well as developing tools and knowhow for tessellation designs through a highly multi-disciplinary approach. The project which is funded by Business Finland is led by VTT, and involves Aalto University schools of ARTS, ENG, and SCI.

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Fold logo


CoCo-Pak: Co-creating narratives for co-designing packaging (2020-2021)
...storytelling, packaging, multi-sensory!

In this project we are developing and testing the use of narrative-based methods for co-designing packaging. The methods aim to better utilise multi-sensory elements of prodcuts in package design. The project is funded by Metsä Board and involves Sense n Insight as a project partner.

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CoCo-Pak logo


Story-Well: Storytelling for well-being of ageing people (2018-2020)
...storytelling, health, well-being!

In recent years storytelling has emerged as a valuable medium for supporting health and well-being of ageing people. This project focuses on the use of visual storytelling methods for designing and evaluating tools and services specifically created for ageing people, with the aim of assisting them in improving and maintaining their sense of belonging, self-worth, and social connectedness. In particular, we investigate the potential of storytelling as a practical medium in the co-design process involving ageing people.

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Story-well logo


Text visualizations (Since 2017)
...visualization, media, temporal!

As part of this ongoing project, we have been designing visualizations for text-based material from different sources (e.g., documents, speech transcripts, etc.) and media (e.g., print, online, etc.). The aim is to provide more effective visual tools for the analysis of textual content, particularly using temporal and contextual methods.

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Text visualizations image


Games and visualizations for health and well-being (2016-2018)
...serious games, visualizations, health!

This project investigates the use of serious games and visualizations for the promotion of community health, particularly in remote and under-resourced regions of the world, such as Amazonia.

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Games and visualizations for health image


Energy visualizations (2016-2017)
...visualization, sustainability, temporal!

In this ongoing project, we have developed visualizations that allow ordinary people to monitor their energy usage over time, and make historic and normative comparisons. The aim has been to better support users in changing their energy consumption behaviour by understaning how and when they use energy.

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Energy visualizations image